Original DIY Box +1 ( Bi-Monthly Subscription)

Confetti Grace

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Original DIY Box +1 ( Bi-Monthly Subscription)

Invite a friend to craft with you! The +1 box has supplies for 3 identical projects.

The March/April DIY project is this adorable mini tobacco basket! Add ribbon, eggs, moss, glitter, flowers and more (we'll be including some more fun embellishments- to be announced soon)

With the "original +1 box" you will receive enough supplies for 3 decorations & 3 cute duckling greeting cards! 

Happy Crafting! 

(Please note: we are now shipping and billing on a bi-monthly schedule.)

Finished projects make perfect hostess, birthday or just because gifts. 

+1 comes with enough supplies to make the two projects from the original box, plus 1 more - for a total of 3. Make an additional gift for someone special or invite someone to craft with you. Plenty of supplies to go around!